What our customers say...


"Conlan is Scandinavian design and quality," Tor Tenden, ID-kort A/S.


"A company focussing on the customer, putting great value on a personal relationship and on service and technical support," Poul-Erik Bjørn, Plusporte.


"Conlan is surprisingly simple! Simple devices without big technical overhead, simple to install and good functionality," Carsten Wulff, Elektro Eckstein GmbH.


"Conlan is great at building good design around quality products..." Henrik Bauer, municipality of Århus.


"We think that Conlan is a “small but impressive” company with interesting products in the control area with the most varied media from tokens to fingers," Ralf Eilebrecht, Eilebrecht Sicherheitstechnik.

"For me, Conlan is an innovative company that has remained down to earth in the last years. They are always ready to assist their customers and offer very creative and especially reliable products without frills. Thank you for that. I hope, you will continue to be true to yourselves," Rolf Kade.


"Conlan is good at interfacing to/with other('s) products," Ulrik Dalsgaard, Kjærgaard.


"Conlan is not only a manufacturer of professional access control devices. Conlan is also a company with fantastic knowledge about its products, has a high service level and friendly employees. I have only recently become an installation technician and am not that familiar with access control, so I think it is really great to have a manufacturer who is ready to help," Dennis Dalgaard Andersen.


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