Access control readers

Stand Alone - Wiegand - OSDP - RS485

Our digital access control enables you to choose the exact solution that fits your need or the needs of your customers. Whether you need a large installation with many doors and a vast PC setup, or you simply need one door to open via digital access control, we have the right solution for you. We offer access control with

If you need help chosing the right solution, you are more than welcome to call us, or you can read more about the different access control technologies.

All our readers are robust and water proof, and they are designed and produced in Denmark.

Popular items

Below, you will find our most popular access control readers. See all readers in The product catalogue.

billig adgangskontrol med pinkoder adgangskontrol med koder og mifare adgangskontrol med mifare adgangskontrol dansk design

CT1000 460100

28 PIN codes

Stand Alone – no pc/controller

130x50x8 mm


81,50 EUR

CM1200 490011

PIN codes and mifare

Wiegand output

75x50x8 mm


194 EUR

M1000 480061

Mifare card or tag

Stand Alone – no pc/controller

50x50x8 mm


127 EUR

CP1200 490015

PIN codes and proximity

Wiegand output

75x50x8 mm


180,90 EUR


All readers may be delivered as black or white, and we can deliver special frames and labels with your own logo and colors.


See our access control readers with Stand Alone - Wiegand - OSDP - RS485