Since the early 80’ies, Wiegand has been the most common communication protocol between access control units. Wiegand is known as a reliable and user friendly protocol, however, Wiegand does have a number of weaknesses. With today’s increased security needs, these are becoming more and more critical.

We are proud to announce that per June 1st, Conlan will be producing as well as dealing all Key7 access control products. Key7 founder and CTO, Nicolaj Haarup and CEO Niels Henrik Olesen are happy that the Key7 portfolio will now be supported by Conlan.

First, you need an idea. And they had one - the small group of Danes from North Jutland, who early in the 90s decided to challenge the major players in the market for access control. An idea and wanting to work for it.

Meet Conlan and RTR at IFSEC, London on June 21-23 where our joint project – a new long range reader – will be presented for the first time.

At larger DYI markets, a large number of customers come driving through every day to collect substantial batches of goods at various locations. How do you ensure that all the customers pay for their goods, if the payment is not always effected at the exit?

Add your own imprint to your access control reader. When you buy access control readers from us, you can design both the front labels and frames of your access control reader – with or without code keypad. This offers a large number of opportunities for promoting your own company or to create a unique design matching the area where the reader is to be installed.

The company Heartcare in Randers, Denmark just launched a new defibrillator wall case, which excels by its extensive information for users and fast calling of ambulance assistance. The wall case has been developed in joint cooperation with I-Sikring and the access to the wall case can be controlled by means of two different Conlan systems.

You may have noticed that banks have increasingly started to issue payment cards including an NFC chip? At the same time, super markets and the like increasingly provide the opportunity for you to pay smaller amounts via contactless transfer. The new cards in fact contain a MIFARE signal and therefore, the same cards can be used for access control via a MIFARE reader.

Shift scheduling and wage calculation can be a big and complicated task, for instance for companies with a large number of employees, varied employment conditions and varying personnel demands. LESSOR A/S has delivered complex software packages to large and small companies for many years and delivers the shift scheduling and time tracking system LESSOR-Workforce to all approx. 60 stores of Lagkagehuset since January 2011.

OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) is an international standard communications protocol that allows units such as access control readers to communicate with other safety units or systems - such as door controllers. The protocol has been developed and is maintained by SIA (Security Industry Association) in order to promote opportunities for communication between security units and systems of various origins.

22 sports halls in Silkeborg Kommune were to renew their lighting in 2015. Additionally, they wanted to be able to adjust the light setting to each user group. This task was performed by Henning Mortensen VVS & El using Conlans CT2000 to control the light settings.

In august 2014, the stunning new health school in Thisted, West Denmark was ready to welcome a new set of students. No detail is left to chance in the architectural structure – even the 39 access control readers installed by Dan Group Alarm, Karl Mikkelsen are incorporated into the building’s design.

In Stenum in the northern part of Jutland lives Flemming. Flemming has muscular dystrophy and is in a wheelchair. He cannot move his fingers well, so for the last year, Flemming and his staff have entered his home in Stenum with the help of a Conlan Bluetooth reader.

Recently Jes Stokholm at Ølby Electrical Services received an unusual request from Østermark Entreprenørforretning, who provide contractor services all over Europe.

”At Østermark they had experienced an increase in theft of machinery. They had decided that what they needed was some sort of immobilisation, and so they asked us to work on a solution,” says Jes.

adgangskontrol med fingerprint

Fingerprint access control is undoubtedly the most comfortable solution. No need to bring a key or remember a pin – all you need to do is swipe your finger. Our new fingerprint reader uses the latest technology to make fingerprint access control more secure and at the same time ease installation, programming and daily use.

All our access control readers are available with 24 hour and single use pins. This provides extra security, and is also useful when you need to give someone access for a limited period of time. The same reader may contain 24 hour pins, single use pins and a number of regular pins that stay valid.

adgangskontrol med mifare

Do you ever install several access control readers with identical pins, transponders, fingerprints etc. without using a pc? And would you like to save time by not having to program every single reader? We have developed a time saving solution that enables you to clone information from one reader to another by using Mifare.

Paxton, UK market leader of electronic IP access control and door entry solutions, have announced the compatibility of its Net2 access control system with Conlan readers, offering its customers even more choice and flexibility when selecting a security solution for their premises.

adgangskontrol med nox-central

When you want to secure large businesses or public institutions it seems logical to gather several functions – such as burglary, access control, video surveillance and booking – in one system. The NOX system is one of the security systems that can do this – and the NOX system is compatible with all of Conlan’s readers.